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Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo essays

Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo essays Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo Niccolo Paganini is the greatest violinist of all time. Raised by a harsh and demanding father, Niccolo practiced incessantly as a child. Early on his skill was already as sharp and majestic as a perfectly cut diamond. He was so good at his music some people speculated he had sold his soul to the devil. In 1745, Niccolo Paganini was is Genoa giving a performance. Critics later said the performance was so phenomenal that they dubbed the 13 year old Paganini a wonder child. After that he toured Milan, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, and Leghorn. Years later in 1805, after he had freed himself of his fathers tyranny, Paganini returned from exile to take up a job as the court violinist in the service of Princess Lucca. Having his job be the job of a violinist Paganini was able to play and practice constantly. During this time he would play a violin with only 4 strings; he would use harmonies to fill in the rest. One time he composed an entire sonata with nothing but the G-string. He remained in the ploy of Princess Lucca until 1813. After this he went back to touring Italy for a long time, Paganinis health kept him bound to tour only in Italy, but renewed health after a stay at a rest cure in Sicily enabled him to go to Paris. His performance there was so striking that it inspired t he words, What a man! What a violin! What an artist! Heavens! What sufferings, what misery, what torture in those 4 strings! from Franz Liszt. His skill was so that a legend built up around him. A legend of him being not quite so natural. His appearance did not help him either. He had a pale, long face and was said to always carry a sardonic smile on his face. Paganini is the most important violinist of all time. He could play 3000 notes in one minute. He introduced new methods of fingering the violin. Most importantly lie the genius of his composition...

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Conference week Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Conference week - Essay Example He believes that globalisation is wrong because it solely serves the interests of the ruling elites by controlling everything, including the government, the media, and now, even those who are supposed to be critical of and against them. I agree that globalisation has its weaknesses and negative consequences to the poor and marginalised sectors; however, I also believe that with the right vision, mission, goals, leaders, advocacy, and activities, disempowered sectors can use globalisation to develop a more humane, environmentally-friendly, and socially balanced form of global capitalism. The rich and powerful has been using the WTO and other international and national institutes to promote their economic goals, which includes political and cultural dimensions too, but the poor can use the same platform to improve the quality of their lives. I understand what Chossudovsky means when he criticises the hi-jacking of the people’s movements through international organisations that fund anti-globalisation movements. Nevertheless, the same system can be used to benefit the disempowered through using current technologies and marketing strategies to let the world know social injustice and to help society change itself. Instead of stopping globalisation, the disenfranchised because of it should also use it to advocate and support fair and benevolent capitalism. Hence, Chossudovsky is wrong to think that globalisation itself is wrong because people can use it to do great noble things that will empower the poor and minority

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Assignment Example Data for the 2009 ACS survey was collected between January 2009 - December 2009. Respondents were asked about their income from the previous 12 months. Data generated from the 2009 ACS therefore refers to the period January 2008-Noverember 2009. On average women earned $35,549 per year. On average men earned $45,485 per year. Women therefore only earned 78.2% of what men earned (i.e. men earned 21.8% more each year than women). Compared to the previous year (2008 ACS), both genders experienced a wage increase (men earned $324 more, whilst women earned $445 more). This indicates that the gap between men and women’s earning is decreasing. In all 50 states, women’s average earning were less than men. However, there were significant variations between gender earnings in several states. For example, in Arizona, California and Texas, women to men’s earnings ratios were 80% or more (smaller earning gap between genders). In Wyoming there were very significant differences in gender earning (women only earned 65.5% of what men earned). Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? There are many reasons why women on average earn less than men. Reasons include; Under represented in highly paid jobs, e.g. bankers, lawyers Traditionally associated with domestic duties, e.g.

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The National Literacy Strategy Essay Example for Free

The National Literacy Strategy Essay The following essay will consider some of the components of the literacy hour and discuss the strategies teachers use to utilise these methods within the classroom. Literacy is at the heart of the drive to raise standards in schools (DfES, 2001, pg2) The above quote is taken from the National Literacy Strategy framework for teaching which, since 1998 has highlighted the importance of teaching English to all schoolchildren. The framework was introduced to couple the National Curriculum document and builds on theories and ideas from previous reports (such as the Kingman report: 1988 and the Cox report: 1989) and documentation which since 1975 have highlighted the importance of having certain attainment targets that children should be achieving. These targets are the acquisition of good speaking, listening, reading, writing and spelling skills, and the Literacy strategy influences teachers in planning and delivering at least an hour long literacy lesson each day, focusing on one or more of these targets. According to the National Literacy document children use a range of strategies, or searchlights, when reading to help them make sense of text. These searchlights fall into four categories. These are; phonic knowledge, grammatical knowledge, knowledge of context/word recognition and graphic knowledge (DfES: 2001. p 4) When teaching reading teachers will break their lesson down into shared (whole class) and guided (independent with support from teacher) sessions. When delivering shared and guided reading sessions teachers can model to children how to draw upon all four of the searchlights to aid them in their reading. Shared reading normally focuses on word and text level work and so teachers will plan for a whole class read in which specific features such as spelling patterns, alliteration, punctuation or the intention of the piece that is being read will be highlighted for to the class. (Ibid). Practitioners are also able to model how clues contained within the piece (such as pictures, exclamation or speech marks) can be used to predict how the story is to be read. However, during guided or independent reading children have to use what knowledge they have of the English language to read on their own. It is for this reason that practitioners will plan to teach the use of phonics to children from an early age. As young children find it hard to discriminate the sounds of letters automatically the teaching of phonics or letter sounds is used by teachers to help children to recognise the correct spelling of a word (DfES 2001). The most effective practitioners will teach children how to identify the phonemes in spoken language and then build an understanding of how each phoneme is correctly spelt. When children have acquired a sound knowledge of these phonemes, practitioners will educate them in two new skills known as segmentation and blending.

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The Aral Sea Disaster Essay example -- Policies Environment Essays

The Aral Sea Disaster Abstract The Aral Sea and the entire Aral Sea basin area have achieved worldwide notoriety due to the environmental disaster. The example of the Aral Sea disaster has sent a signal to the entire international community demonstrating how fast and irrevocable the environmental system can be ruined if there is no long-term thinking and planning in place. This paper gives a broad overview of the policies that have resulted in dying of the forth-largest inland body of water. It concentrates on the policies and approaches of the international organizations towards the problem, describes examples of the projects and presents a conclusion on effectiveness of such policies. Introduction The Aral sea used to be the forth largest inland body of water. It had a fishing industry that employed 60,000 people and it attracted thousands of tourists. Today the Aral Sea is biologically dead and has shrunk by approximately 75-80% in volume and 50-60% in area. (See Attachment 1. The chronology of the desiccation of the Aral Sea). Fishing towns such as Muinak are now 60 kilometers inland. Approximately 75 million tons per year of toxic salt from the exposed seabed are blown over thousands of kilometers of inhabited land increasing the already high level of salinity and worsening the environmental situation. Where is the Aral Sea located? The Aral Sea is in the very heart of the Central Asia. Central Asia, an area of 1.7 millions km2 in total, lies in the middle of the Eurasian continent. It is at the crossroads of the old caravan routes that ran from Europe to Asia and the Middle East to the Far East. The whole region consists of vast deserts and semi-arid lands (See Attachment 2. Geographical ... .../aralsea/asa_dis.htm Operational Research Tuberculosis Pilot Program 3. UNOPS web site proin/5pi2001.html 4. International Aral Sea Rehabilitation Fund web site 5. Soros Foundation ¡Ã‚ ¦s Office in Tashkent web site 6. German Remote Data Center Geographical location of the Aral Sea Chronology of the desiccation of the Aral Sea Picture 1. Chronology of the dessication of the Aral Sea The series of images were derived by satellite remote sensing data and conventional data (WDB II for the mask of 1960, bathymetry for the year of 2010).

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Care Plan Essay

Medical Diagnosis: sickle cell anemia with vaso-occlusive crisis Nursing Diagnosis List 1.Impaired Comfort related to sickle cell anemia as evidenced by acute vaso-occlusive crisis. The patient’s pain should take precedence as the nursing diagnosis, because it is in all-encompassing factor that affects the client’s ability to function within the other areas of Maslow’s hierarchy of physiological needs, such as breathing and sleeping. The pain from the vaso-occlusion makes it difficult for the client to become comfortable enough to rest in addition to other factors that affect sleep patterns. The pain caused by the client’s chest pain also makes it difficult to for her to take deep, adequate breathes and to assess her lung sounds. 2.Ineffective Breathing Pattern related to acute chest syndrome secondary to sickle cell anemia as evidenced by alterations in depth of breathing. Breathing should be prioritized as the secondary nursing diagnosis, because the patient’s sickle cell anemia is presenting her with diminished lung sounds in the lo wer right lung. Since the primary nursing diagnosis is associated with vaso-occlusion, the client is not getting proper oxygenation to parts of their body, and interventions may include administering analgesics to treat the discomfort, of which an adverse effect may include an altered breathing pattern, it is especially important to pay attention to and assess respiratory functioning in order to treat the effects of smoking and administration of analgesics on respiratory function and assure adequate oxygenation. 3.Disturbed Sleep Pattern related to excessive noise as evidenced by reports of being awakened all night. Disturbed sleep pattern should be prioritized third, because lack of adequate rest can cause fatigue, further discomfort, and decreased ability to function and perform ADL’s which is important to a client’s self-esteem and independence. Nursing Diagnosis: Acute Pain related to vaso-occlusive crisis secondary to sickle cell anemia as manifested by grimacing and verbalization of pain Outcome/Short Term Patient Centered GoalsPlanning/Interventions ImplementationRationale for interventions/Evaluation Short-Term Desired Outcomes The client will â€Å"perform appropriate interventions, with or without significant others, to improve and/or maintain acceptable comfort level,† a 5 or less on a 0-10 pain scale, by the end of the day (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). Long-Term Desired Outcomes The client will â€Å"identify strategies, with or without significant others, to improve and/or maintain comfort level† by the time of discharge (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013).1. â€Å"Assess pain intensity level in a client† every hour utilizing a 0-10 pain scale (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 2. â€Å"Describe the adverse effects of unrelieved pain† every hour along with each pain assessment until patient verbalizes understanding (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 3. Teach the client about prescribed medications (oxycodone, for pain), such as how to use it, how often to take it, how much at once, and the desired and adverse effects of it. 4. â€Å"Ask the client to report side effects, such as nausea and pruritus, and to describe appetite, bowel elimination, and ability to rest and sleep† by performing an interview every hour while assessing pain level (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 1.†The first step in pain assessment is to determine if the client can provide self-report† (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 2. â€Å"Ineffective management of acute pain has the potential for†¦neuronal remodelin, an impact on immune function, and long-lasting physiological, psychological, and emotional distress†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 3. â€Å"Instruct the client and family on prescribed medications and therapies that improve comfort† (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013). 4. â€Å"Constipation is one of the most common side effects of opioid therapy and can become a significant problem in pain management† (Ackley & Ladwig, 2013).Short-Term Desired Outcomes The client is able to properly utilize the prescribed oxycodone in their therapy to achieve a comfort level of 5 by the end of the day. Verbalizing an understanding of adverse effects of unrelieved pain helped patient understand the importance of reporting an accurate pain score whenever  experiencing discomfort. Goal Met. Nursing interventions for this goal were effective to help the patient achieve a more comfortable state. Long-Term Desired Outcomes The client is able to identify and report the side effects of the oxycodone, so that they can report any nausea, constipation, or abnormal sleep patterns to a nurse or physician. Goal met.

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E Commerce Business Activity That Occurs Online

E-commerce Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, refers to economic activity that occurs online. E-commerce includes all types of business activity, such as retail shopping, banking, investing and rentals. Even small businesses that provide personal services, such as hair and nail salons, can benefit from e-commerce by providing a website for the sale of related health and beauty products that normally are available only to their local customers. To operate as an e-commerce company you need certain hardware, I will explain this. 3 click businesses Ebay Amazon Gumtree 3 brick businesses McDonalds Subway McColls Hardware software of e-commerce Web servers: Web servers are compute systems that program and dispenses web pages as they are requested (they have an IP address). A web server is basically what a program or website is ran off of and depending on how good the servers are depends on how fast the programs are. The main use of a web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to clients. Another thing it is used for would include the configuration log file settings, including where the log files are saved, what data to include on the log files and other log file settings. As well as the ability to configure website security. An example of this would be user accounts that are or aren t allowed to view the website which also means the IP addresses that are or aren t allowed to view the website as well. Also creating an FTP site; an FTP site allows users toShow MoreRelatedE Commerce : A New Model1460 Words   |  6 Pagesjust as society progresses, so must businesses adapt a new model: e-commerce. E-commerce has been around si nce the advent of the Internet, and many consumers acknowledge the convenience e-commerce provides. E-commerce is a great model for not only current Internet shopping, but also the future economy where most items will be purchased online. However, complications such as phishing, hacking, and piracy are a growing problem to e-commerce. While solutions have been implemented to supposedly fix the issuesRead MoreBusinesses and The Internet1357 Words   |  6 PagesInternet to expand their business globally. This migration has come with many sacrifices, lessons learned, and challenges along the way. However, the businesses that demonstrated determination and a willingness to overcome the challenges that they were faced with, have ultimately succeeded in expanding their clientele. One example of the type of company that can be found online is an electronic retailer, or a cybermall type of a site. Electronic retailing, also known as e-tailing, is the directRead MoreE Business Model : The Marketing Model885 Words   |  4 Pages E-Business Model The e-business model is like a traditional business model, it describes how a company functions, how it sells products and services, how to capture new markets and technologies, and how to generate revenue. The basic difference between the two models is that an e-business is conducted over the internet and also known as electronic business. Like any other business, e-business activities also take place between the two parties mainly for the sale and purchase of products and servicesRead MoreImpact Of E Commerce On Global Economy1352 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Impact of E-Commerce on Global Economy It is exciting area especially E-Commerce. The advancement in World Wide Web, computers and mobile wireless communication technologies are transforming the way business is conducted. The success stories of Amazon, eBay are few examples. New technologies have provided the required platform for innovation, growth, shopping convenience, and price advantage due to the boundary less competition. Business leaders across the industry are developingRead MoreEssay about The ECommerce Environment of Singapore1496 Words   |  6 PagesSingapore is generally comprised of lowland areas with a central plateau in the middle of the island. Its elevation ranges from the Bukit Timah, (166 m.), to the Singapore Strait which is at sea level. Its climate is tropical and wet. Precipitation occurs on 40% of all days, (70% of days in April). Singapores two biggest natural recourses are its fishing industry, and its deep water ports. Singapore is also a focal point for most Southeast Asian sea routes. History Singapore was originallyRead MoreE-business: Easy Learning Outcome1588 Words   |  7 PagesChap14: E-Business Multiple Choice 1. What is the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet? A. E-business B. E-commerce C. E-market D. E-mall Ans: B Level: Easy Learning Outcome: 14.1 Response: This is the definition of e-commerce. 2. What is the conducting of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling, but also serving customers and collaborating with business partners? A. E-business B. E-commerce C. E-market D. E-mall Ans: A Level: Easy Read MoreAlibaba s Dominant Business Model Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesAlibaba’s dominant business model is an exchange. Piccoli, in his textbook, defines exchanges as â€Å"Exchanges are organizations that create a marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together and transact. Thus, an exchange does not take control of inventory or worry about fulfillment. Rather the exchange provides a â€Å"market making† service and is compensated with fees, commission on sales, or consulting fees on more complex business-to-business transactions. The prototypical example of an exchangeRead MoreInternal Analysis : The Boston Group Matrix1560 Words   |  7 Pagescompany is capable of. There are many tools that play a part of the internal analysis but the three main tools used in an internal analysis are the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, the Value Chain Analysis which includes primary activities and support activities inside the business. Another big part o f the internal analysis is the Financial Ratio Analysis which is used to evaluate various aspects of a company’s operating and financial performance such as its efficiency, liquidity, profitability and solvencyRead MoreEvolution Of Credit Card Fraud Within The Growing E Commerce Industry1716 Words   |  7 Pagesthe growing e-commerce industry. Online Shopping: Risk of Paying More than You Receive I examine the evolution of credit card fraud in regards of the technology or methodology fraudsters used specifically within the e-commerce industry, and discuss various security concerns companies have for establishing online shopping sites. The appearance of credit cards and the growing e-commerce industry in the past decade has provided fraudsters more ways to commit fraud through online activities than everRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce958 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract E-Commerce Ecommerce (or electrical commerce) refers to the shopping for and mercantilism of products and services via electronic channels, primarily the net. On-line retail is unquestionably convenient because of its 24-hour handiness, international reach and usually economical client service. The invention of quicker net property and powerful on-line tools has resulted in a new commerce arena – Ecommerce. Ecommerce offered several blessings to firms and customers however it additionally