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Top 12 Things Colleges Look For in the College Admissions Decision Process

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA),a professional organization made up of private educational and college admissions consultants, has published a document titled "Top 12 Strengths and Experiences Colleges Look for in High School Students." A link to the 2014 list, based upon a recent survey of college admissions consultants, can be found at the bottom of this blog post. A few useful notes about the 2014 Top 12 List As has been true for more than nine years, a student’s academic performance in high school tops the list. Most important is a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges the student. While grades are important, educational consultants believe that demonstrating a willingness to challenge oneself is more important. In terms of grades, IECA members felt that grades need to show an upward trend—mediocre grades in the freshman year can be overcome by demonstrating that better grades came with maturity. According to IECA members, colleges want to know what type of student will be arriving on campus—not who the student was four years go. â€Å"Solid SAT or ACT scores,† reflecting a consistency with academic achievement, was number three on the list. IECA members felt that terrific standardized tests are rarely enough to secure admission at a more competitive school, but poor scores can be difficult to overcome. Finally, according to IECA Executive Director Mark Sklarow, â€Å"What we learn most in viewing these results is that students should shy away from efforts to change themselves into what they think colleges seek and learn to promote the best thing about themselves: whether that’s a willingness to challenge themselves in a difficult course, demonstrating passion for a particular subject, committing themselves to community service, or demonstrating leadership. Students should seek to make their application reflect the best of who they already are.† Top Twelve Strengths and Experiences Colleges Look for in High School Students Photo by Lou FCD

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Uber Sexual Harassment Case Study - 1264 Words

Problem 1 Sexual harassment is a problem that human resource managers are struggling to solve every day. Recently Uber has fired over 20 employees due to a sexual harassment investigation, which started in November 2016, it is uncommon for a company to release so many employees from one sexual harassment claim but that’s because the human resource department didn’t know how to solve this problem. (Solon, 2017). Uber isn’t the only company struggling to find ways to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can cause a loss of productivity, low morale, higher employee turnover and higher absenteeism and on top of that, it could cost a company, thousands to millions of dollars in court and procedural costs. (Handling†¦show more content†¦One mistake that commonly happens when making these policies is that it can lean more towards women reporting then men; so when writing up a prevention policy make sure that it is gender neutral so t hat employees aren’t scared to report. (McDonald, Charlesworth, Graham, 2014). Another feature that is important when making a prevention policy is to ensure that it is constantly visible and open to all employees and that upper management takes a role in modeling this good behavior. It is important to stick to this prevention policy for any incident that is reported whether it is within the upper management or lower level employees; remaining consistent will reassure employees that something will be done. Prevention training is another helpful solution when dealing with sexual harassment complaints in an organization. Each organization should hold educational seminars that are mandatory for all employees; both upper and lower level employees; to ensure that everyone knows what to do if they see, hear, know or are a victim of sexual harassment. One major component of this training is to explain what sexual harassment is and what behaviors are considered sexual harassment. Most people have different definitions of what is considered sexual harassment so creating a universal definition within the organization will prevent any misunderstandings in the future. Another step that should be taken inShow MoreRelatedA Summary On Getting Around A Car1633 Words   |  7 Pagestrain. Some people choose to use the taxi service Uber if they need a quick ride or are out of a car. Uber is a taxi service that allows a person to use their application to hail a ride. Using the application, a person can choose who they want to drive them and see how long it will take for the driver to pick them up. Compared to people using buses, trains, or older taxi services to get to where they need to be using Uber has a better chance. Uber uses real time within their application so theirRead MoreGender Discrimination In The Workplace Essay1239 Words   |  5 Pagescompany policies encourage positive working environments that are free from discrimination, while also empowering them to take legal actions against their predators. All things considered, should employers be responsible for taking the legal burden on a case of gender discrimination in the workplace? Naturally, the employer is responsible for the conduct of their employees through the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Consequently, it is important for businesses to protect their personnel fromRead More Constructions of Gender and the Treatment of PTSD within the U.S. Military3754 Words   |  16 Pagessee him play!) and she was raped by a commanding officer while on duty. Women Veterans Health Programs report that 40 percent of women veterans who use VA services have been sexually assaulted -65 percent while on active duty. According to a study conducted in 2003, 28 percent of all women veterans report being raped. Baring in mind that it is commonly understood that only one-quarter of women who have been raped actually report it, these statistics are horrifying. Consistent rates of rapeRead MoreFunctional Health Patterns Community Assessment2781 Words   |  12 Pages(several mega churches in the community) * Catholic * New Age, Wiccan ( Predominantly in the Old Colorado City and Manitou areas) Availability of spiritual resources within or near the community (churches/chapels, synagogues, chaplains, Bible studies, sacraments, self-help groups, support groups, etc.). * New Life Church (Mega Church) * Focus on the Family ( church and Christian Publishing company) * St. Mary’s (Parish and school) * Corpus Christi (Catholic church and school) Read MoreNespresso Co. Analysis15084 Words   |  61 Pagesintroduced the field of chemistry into medicine in the 16th century. The Bernoulli family is known for their contribution to mathematics. Leonard Euler is another famous mathematician. Horace-Benedict de Saussure was a naturalist and pioneer in Alpine studies. In the Federal Institute of Technology in Zà ¼rich there were a lot of Nobel Prices. Finally, Albert Einstein, who was born in Germany, moved to Switzerland and became a Swiss citizen. b. Social environment i. Labor law While the European Union

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Kudler Fine Foods - Accounting System - 972 Words

Kudler Fine Foods - Accounting System Eric Raymond BSA/310 September 3, 2012 Dr. Marcia Reid Kudler Fine Foods - Accounting System The purpose of this paper is to describe the value of a new accounting system for Kudler Fine Foods. The author will cover the key features, core technology, benefits, and cost of the proposed system. In businesses today, it is imperative that the accounting system be tied into every aspect of a business and integrated within all of the information systems in use. Therefore, before any system is updated or changed, the accounting system must be considered and analyzed for compatibility and integration. Kudler Fine Foods hired a consulting firm to â€Å"assist in the selection and installation of a†¦show more content†¦If the transaction is small, the store manager can pay for it out of an â€Å"impress† fund that each store has. The store manager would then fax the information to F amp; A to be manually entered into the system. In my opinion, Kudler Fine Foods could benefit from a holistic Finance and Accounting system that will allow for better compatibility with the company’s other systems. The current system has a module for each major function and each module has to maintain compatibility with the other modules. If any upgrades or changes were to be made on any of the other systems in the company, all of the separate modules of the Finance and Accounting system would need to be compatible. This means that there is a greater expense in upgrading or changing any other system in the company because all systems must be connected to the F amp; A system. A holistic system that can provide all of the necessary functions needed by the company all in one program and streamline the process and minimize the costs of upgrading systems anywhere in the company. In the long run, it would be less costly to first upgrade the Finance and Accounting system before any other systems are upgraded. Then the other systems can be tailored around the Finance and Accounting system to ensure compatibility and to unify the company’s business systems. The alternativeShow MoreRelatedKudler Fine Foods982 Words   |  4 PagesKudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a chain of specialty food stores that provide the finest food and wines to the general public. There are three locations of Kudler Fine Foods: 1. La Jolla 2. Del Mar 3. Encinitas Kudler’s Key Business and Accounting Information Needs General Ledger * Financial reporting, multiple year reporting * Budgets and Budget Reporting detailed to the department store level * Chart of Accounts * Head Count Accounts Payable * CheckRead MoreComputer Information System Brief1310 Words   |  6 PagesKudler Fine Foods is a specialty grocery store located in the San Diego area. The first location was opened by Kathy Kudler in June 1998. Currently there are three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Kudler Fine Foods has a variety of domestic and imported food and beverage items including produce, meat, seafood, condiments, packaged foods, cheese, dairy products, wine, and a bakery. Our firm has been hired by Kudler Fine Foods in order to assess their accounting and information technologyRead MoreKudler Fine Foods Computer Information System Essay1090 Words   |  5 PagesKudler Fine Foods Computer Information System Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a California-based provider of a variety of high end foods, both local and from around the world, founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998. Since the opening of the first location, Kudler has opened two more locations in the San Diego area; Del Mar in 2000 and Encinitas in 2003 (About, 2011). As a growing business, Kudler’s needs are constantly changing, especially in terms of the company’s information technology and informationRead MoreEssay about Computer Information Systems Brief1193 Words   |  5 PagesComputer Information Systems Brief ACC542 April 12, 2010 Brad Thompson Kudler Fine Foods: Computer Information System Brief Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food company operating in La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar California. The owner has plans to extend its services to additional markets. The Kudler Company offers the highest quality products to its customers in gourmet foods and fine wines. In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Kudler’s computer system and technology useRead MoreNeed for a Change Process Within the Accounting Department of Kudler Fine Foods1586 Words   |  6 PagesHeader: KUDLER FINE FOODS VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION 1 Need for a Change Process within the Accounting Department of Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization Abstract The Kudler Fine Foods is located in the metropolitan area of the San Diego. It is a local upscale specialty food store. The very best imported and domestic foodstuffs are stocked in all the stores of this company. The Kudler Fine Foods has five departments, namely: Fresh Produce, Fresh Bakery and Pastries, Condiments and Packaged Foods, FreshRead MoreClient Interaction Strategy795 Words   |  4 PagesGeorge LDR 535/Leading Change August 5, 2013 Nicole Seldon - Facilitator Client Interaction Strategy As the consultant for Kudler Fine Foods, communications with individuals on various levels of the organization is inevitable. It is vital to use the appropriate influence techniques during the process of implementing a new HRIS software system. An effective transition will require the consultant to use existing power structure to obtain buy-in from the current workforce. ThisRead MoreOverview of Management at Kudler Fine Foods, Virtual Organization1423 Words   |  6 PagesThis text is about Kudler Fine Foods, a virtual organization, used for the purpose of give an overview of management. This will identify the primary functions of management through the description of whom is responsible for each function at Kudler, explaining how technology and internet are used nowadays and how affects the management of the organization, and illustrating each of the five forces from Porter’s Model. Kathy Kudler was the VP of Marketing of a large defense contractor company andRead MoreKudler Fine Foods Audit Processes974 Words   |  4 PagesKudler Fine Foods Audit Processes ACC 542 September 18, 2012 Kudler’s Audit Processes Kudler Fine Food has expanded business and updated their computer systems to meet demands. As IT information is adopted within the organization, automation control processes has become more virtualized. To ensure that Kudler’s computerize systems function properly an audit must be performed on an annual basis. Management at Kudler Fine Foods wants to see the proposed audit schedules for allRead MoreKudler Accounting System Paper962 Words   |  4 PagesKudler Accounting System Paper David Story BSA 310 06/18/2012 Ivon Young Kudler Accounting System Paper Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet specialty grocery store, and has three locations in three upscale San Diego, Ca. Kathy Kudler is a gourmet cook and saw the need to open a shop for consumers to shop for ingredients for her dishes. With years of the corporate America, Kathy Kudler turned her passion into a very lucrative business. As a result, Kudler Fine Foods was founded in 1998Read MoreComputer Information System Brief1518 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract In this paper I explain what opportunities Kudler Fine Foods has in terms of information technology, and describe how the company might benefit from implementing enterprise-wide computer information system. Computer information system brief Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a local chain of gourmet food stores with annual sales of more than 10M offering specialized products to targeted customers. The company has three locations in the San Diego metropolitan area (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas)

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Mudslinging free essay sample

Effects of Negative Political Ad Campaigns MKT 650 – Dr. Kunz Jeremy Pflug Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a â€Å"mudslinger† as one that uses offensive epithets and invective especially against a political opponent. (Merriam-Webster, 2010) Mudslinging has many sources that all stake claim to being its origin. William Safire states that the word derived from some Ancient Latin advice, â€Å"Fortiter calumniari, aliquia adhaerebit,† which is translated into â€Å"Throw plenty of dirt and some of it will be sure to stick,† as seen in the â€Å"The Barber of Seville† in 1775. Safire, 1993) Negative advertisement political campaigns began in the United States all the way back to the time of our founding fathers. In the election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Adams was accused of being a monarchist who wanted to move the country to a monarchy under Britain and France, which at the time of the election was a very sensitive subject co nsidering the Revolutionary War was still fresh in the minds of Americans. Thomas Jefferson was accused of being a misogynist and of having an affair with a black slave; which later turned out to be true. Mark, 2007) Thomas Jefferson eventually won this election over John Adams and Aaron Burr (who became the Vice President to Jefferson after the each has the same amount of Electoral Votes and the House of Representatives chose Jefferson as the President of the United States. ) Negative political advertisements began on the television during the 1964 election, pitting President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Republican Senator Barry M. Goldwater. This advertisement only lasted 60 seconds and was only aired one time but its effectiveness set a precedent for many years to come. The â€Å"Daisy Ad† was widely criticized for being over the top and extreme. This 60-second spot featured a little girl picking petals off of a daisy in a field and counting out of sequence just before a voiceover begins a countdown, then follows that by a very strategic image of a nuclear explosion. President Lyndon B. Johnson followed this imagery with these words, These are the stakes – to make a world in which all of Gods children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die. (Jones, 2007) This set forth the beginning of advertisements whose sole purpose was to damage an opponent’s view in the public eye. Mark Zuckerberg, states that â€Å"In the last hundred years†¦ the way to advertise was to get into the mass media and push your content†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Holzner, 2009) and candidates have been doing so for many years and with the advancements of technology, candidates can reach people in a one on one setting without every actually meeting that person. Tony Schwartz stated that political parties used to be the means of communication from the candidate to the people. Political would go on campaign trails and bring news of why their candidate was what was best for the United States of America. These days of the past are over and the new political parties are in the forms of ABC, NBC and CBS. (Kaid, 1993) In 2009, The Fox News Channel was the number one rated cable news network for 86 consecutive months and I believe this streak is still intact today. (Guthrie, 2009) Americans rely on television news stations as their main source of information along with the internet. It is almost unheard of a television channel not having their own website that updates the same information that they reveal in their programs and then update then instantly to their viewers. This relay of information brings many new challenges for political leaders and their campaign directors as they seek out inventive ways to attractive consumers†¦ aka the people of the United States. Mudslinging has many effects and yet the underlying question is whether or not these campaign advertisements are doing any real justice for the political campaign trail or are they just damaging both candidates What is the true impact that a negative advertisement has on a campaign? Does it truly impact the people of the United States and pander to the emotions of each individual person or do these malicious attacks on one another take away from the true meaning of the campaign and turn people away from the voting because they do not know which person is of the lesser evil†¦ One hypothesis is called the Stimulation Hypothesis and it suggests that people will turn out to vote once they experience some sort of difficulty or unfavorable change that will affect their way of living. Southwell, 1988) This negative attention draws people to the polls in order and creates a larger number of registered voters than in the previous election. Negative advertisement political campaigns have become a â€Å"guilty pleasure† of Americans. (Martin, 2004) It is like watching a video of a horrific event such as a car accident or an engulfing tornado whose destruction hurts many people however no m atter how destructing the nature of event is our society cannot pry ourselves away from watching the event. These negative advertisements have the affect of a sit-com and the people cannot wait to see what is next. The thought process behind the stimulation process is that negative advertising is equal or more informative than positive advertising. This information in turn acquires more interest. These interested voters are likely to vote and finally this will increase turn out in response to exposure to this negative advertising. Zaller, 1992) This hypothesis was analyzed in the 1996 elections and based on an article Goldstein and Freedman, they argued that there is good reason to expect vigorous campaign attacks to stimulate voters: by engaging voters, by raising interest, and by communicating the notion that something important is at stake in the outcome of an election, negative ads (whether they are contrast ads or pure negative spots) should be more likely to stimulate than depress voter turnout. 2002) A spinoff of the stimulation hypothesis is the Differential Effects which play off the emotions of the people of the United States. These differential effects are advertisements that affect the turnout if the advertisement addresses an issue of political concern to the voter. (Clinton amp; Lapinski, 2004) The differential effects like the mobilizations hypothesis occur when people are getting information from candidates that affect them. In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama played the people of the United States by encouraging â€Å"change† as this became the backbone of his campaign. The more that Sen. McCain negatively ran advertisements against the Sen. Obama the more imbedded these ideals of change became to the people of the U. S. The emotion that change was needed in order for not only ourselves to become successful but that the future of our children’s lives were at stake was the effect differential effect that Sen. Obama had over Sen. McCain. The Demobilization Hypothesis counters the stimulation hypothesis and argues that there is a relationship that exists between the negatively correlated trending variables of voter turnout and campaign negativity. Ansolabehere and Iyengar 1995) With the demobilization hypothesis, negative advertising is believed to have a destructive effect on the voting â€Å"Independents† since attack campaigns â€Å"heighten the partisan flavor of political discourse† and drive â€Å"the Independent voter from the active electorate† by breeding â€Å"distrust of the electoral process and pessimism about the value of an individual’s own voice. † (1995) During the 1988 Presidential Campaign, a Newsweek article said, â€Å"Voters are fed up and turned off by a hail of mudslinging. But it’s likely to get worse as both sides step up their attack-man ads. † (Garramone, 1990) The people of the United States based on this hypothesis want to see candidates for who they really are; their moral background, what their views on the issues really are, how they plan to achieve the goals and promises that they make and not how the candidate that they running against isn’t telling the truth about his plan or voting history. The negative advertisements are seemingly a he said/she said playground tiff and the voters are tired of wading through all the mudslinging to get down to the actual factual information. Research has show that the transfer of attitudes recursively (TAR) effects have shown that communicators often acquire the valence they ascribe to others, such that people who communicate positive attitudes about others acquire a positive valence whereas people who communicate negative attitudes about others acquire a negative valence. Carraro, 2009) These provide more evidence that people do not appreciate slander of another person. People want to hear the truth about the candidate themselves and not necessarily what that other candidate has done negatively. Another negative finding is that these political candidates are pandering to huge businesses and accepting campaign funding in order to have a say in the agenda of that candidate. In the 2008 elections, total spending on political advertising th is year by candidates and interest groups reached at least $2. billion, the highest amount ever in a presidential election year. About 2 billion of that money was allocated towards television advertisements. Many of us have seen political campaign advertisements that in the end an over voice states, â€Å"Paid for by†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Walter Shapiro of Time Magazine states, â€Å"Negative advertisement spots are pandering to large contributors†¦ â€Å"They† are largely responsible for public cynicism toward politics. That is why it may be wiser to target the attack ads themselves rather than the brutal cost pressures that make them necessary. (Mayer, 1996) Shapiro makes a very valuable assessment of the opinion that the public has towards negative advertisements because they understand where the money is coming from. The public views this as a political candidate is accepting money for a bill to be passed or an issue to be brought before the government that has a direct im pact of the company that gave the contribution. I believe that there is a direct effect on people based on their own personality. I feel that people will chose to hear what they want about a candidate and become educated about that persona and then make a decision. There is evidence that negative advertisements in these political campaigns provide boosts for the candidate that makes the claim about the other however there is too much evidence that can refute this claim and say that because of the negative ad, this candidate has not only hurt the candidate that they are running against but has also damaged their own character and integrity because they need this negativity to win over the people of the United States. Robert Collier said, â€Å"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. † With this quote, I believe the entire argument is for either side is summed up. They are both correct and the effects of the advertisements directly correlate to what type of person sees the advertisement. References Ansolabehere, Stephen, and Shanto Iyengar. (1995) Going Negative: How Political Advertising Shrinks and Polarizes the Electorate. New York: Free Press. Carraro, Luciana. (2009) Gawronski,Bertram. Castelli, Luigi.

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Walter Whitman Essays - Brooklyn Eagle, Mystics, Walt Whitman

Walter Whitman Walter Whitman Through the history of the United States there have been a countless numbers of poets. With them came an equal number of writing styles. Certainly one of the most unique poets to write life's story through his own view of the world and with the ambition to do it was Walter Whitman. Greatly criticized by many readers of his work, Whitman was not a man to be deterred. Soon he would show the world that he had a voice, and that it spoke with a poet's words. Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever I choose. Thus Whitman began his "Song of the Open Road". This paper will attempt to describe his life and poetry in a way that does justice to the path he chose. He was a man who grew up impoverished, who wrote from his experiences, and who tried to lift his fellow men above life's trivialities. These are the points to be discussed on these pages. To know the essence of Walter Whitman, you would have to understand the heart of his writing. For he is in his pen. Walter Whitman was born in West Hills, Long Island, New York, on May 31, 1819 . He did not have much opportunity for education in his early life. His parents were mostly poor and illiterate- his father a laborer, while his mother was a devout Quaker. Whitman was one of nine children and little is known about his youth except that two of his siblings were imbeciles. No wonder he demonstrated such an insight for life in his poems. In 1830, at the age of eleven, he worked as an office boy for a lawyer, where he learned the printing trade. Whitman would soon take up teaching at various schools in Long Island. He also engaged in carpentry and house building while he edited newspapers. His early years seemed to show an active interest in working with the public. Whitman at one time accepted a job with a New Orleans newspaper, and in doing so exposed himself to a great deal of the country. Getting to New Orleans required traveling over the Cumberland Gap and down rivers, of which he later wrote. America seemed to be both his home and inspiration. In "Calamus", part of his single book, Leaves of Grass, he writes of Louisiana as a "live oak growing", thus showing the joy he felt in everything he saw . In short, Whitman lived trough the nation's heroic age, at a time when people had to be (or seemed to be) a little more than life-size to accomplish all the deeds they undertook. It was natural that Whitman, with his genius and metaphysical inclinations, should have drifted into journalism, a profession that could make some demands on his native endowments. As much as he was a traveler, he was also a man of the people. In one of his reviews, he described himself as"never on platforms amid the crowds of clergymen, or professors, or aldermen, or congressmen- rather down in the bay with pilots in their pilot boats- or off on a cruise with fishers in a fishing smack- or writing on a Broadway omnibus, side by side with the driver- or with a band of loungers over the open grounds of the country- fond of New York and Brooklyn- fond of the life of the great ferries." Whitman obviously felt a kinship with his country, and later exhibited this in his writings. He also was not a man to follow others. "Self-reliant, with haughty eyes, assuming to himself all the attributes of his country, steps Walt Whitman into literature, talking like a man unaware that there was ever hitherto such a production as a book, or such a being as a writer". Whitman's major work, Leaves of Grass, was first published on the fourth of July in 1855. He was thirty-six years old, not yet a published writer, and could not find any company willing to take a chance on his unusual style. His experience in newspapers allowed him to help publish his work himself, even setting up some of the type and distributing the first edition. To get a decent start, Whitman even went so far as to write complimentary unsigned reviews of his book which he had placed in the newspapers- "An American bard at last! "- his own words of his first work, showing his audacity to be well thought of. Whitman wrote only one

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Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo essays

Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo essays Niccolo Paganini and His Moto Perpetuo Niccolo Paganini is the greatest violinist of all time. Raised by a harsh and demanding father, Niccolo practiced incessantly as a child. Early on his skill was already as sharp and majestic as a perfectly cut diamond. He was so good at his music some people speculated he had sold his soul to the devil. In 1745, Niccolo Paganini was is Genoa giving a performance. Critics later said the performance was so phenomenal that they dubbed the 13 year old Paganini a wonder child. After that he toured Milan, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, and Leghorn. Years later in 1805, after he had freed himself of his fathers tyranny, Paganini returned from exile to take up a job as the court violinist in the service of Princess Lucca. Having his job be the job of a violinist Paganini was able to play and practice constantly. During this time he would play a violin with only 4 strings; he would use harmonies to fill in the rest. One time he composed an entire sonata with nothing but the G-string. He remained in the ploy of Princess Lucca until 1813. After this he went back to touring Italy for a long time, Paganinis health kept him bound to tour only in Italy, but renewed health after a stay at a rest cure in Sicily enabled him to go to Paris. His performance there was so striking that it inspired t he words, What a man! What a violin! What an artist! Heavens! What sufferings, what misery, what torture in those 4 strings! from Franz Liszt. His skill was so that a legend built up around him. A legend of him being not quite so natural. His appearance did not help him either. He had a pale, long face and was said to always carry a sardonic smile on his face. Paganini is the most important violinist of all time. He could play 3000 notes in one minute. He introduced new methods of fingering the violin. Most importantly lie the genius of his composition...

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Conference week Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Conference week - Essay Example He believes that globalisation is wrong because it solely serves the interests of the ruling elites by controlling everything, including the government, the media, and now, even those who are supposed to be critical of and against them. I agree that globalisation has its weaknesses and negative consequences to the poor and marginalised sectors; however, I also believe that with the right vision, mission, goals, leaders, advocacy, and activities, disempowered sectors can use globalisation to develop a more humane, environmentally-friendly, and socially balanced form of global capitalism. The rich and powerful has been using the WTO and other international and national institutes to promote their economic goals, which includes political and cultural dimensions too, but the poor can use the same platform to improve the quality of their lives. I understand what Chossudovsky means when he criticises the hi-jacking of the people’s movements through international organisations that fund anti-globalisation movements. Nevertheless, the same system can be used to benefit the disempowered through using current technologies and marketing strategies to let the world know social injustice and to help society change itself. Instead of stopping globalisation, the disenfranchised because of it should also use it to advocate and support fair and benevolent capitalism. Hence, Chossudovsky is wrong to think that globalisation itself is wrong because people can use it to do great noble things that will empower the poor and minority